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Shoes With Detachable Heels? Yes, Please!


Canadian-born designer Tanya Heath invented double-duty shoes that work as stilettos and flats, by creating heels that you can snap on or off with a push of a button.

Tanya didn't just create one design, though. The girl got busy, and created three full linesPower (closed, chunky-heeled shoes for work), Liberty (bad-ass boots), and Seduction (stilettos, ankle-strap heels, and sexy slingbacks for partying).

The shoes range from 300-500 euros (that's about P14,000-24,000)—so yeah, they aren't cheap. Oh, and that only includes the shoe, because you have to shell out around 30 euros (P1,500) for the heels. That way, you can choose whatever heel style (chunky or thin), design (glittered, colored, metallic, baroque, etc), and height (3 inches or 1.5 inches) you want.

While the shoes aren't available in the Philippines, you can order online through this website. Or, you can drop by the stores in Paris or Canada.

We thought foldable flats—which you can stow away inside your clutch during GNO—was perf, but convertible heels? GENIUS!

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