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Should You Wear a Bra To Bed?

And other cleavage concerns.

So apparently, there's a study that says if you wear a bra to bed, you'll actually increase their err, perkiness

Linda Becker, a professional bra-fitter in the US (yes, there is such a thing!), says wearing a bra to bed is actually pretty safe, because the added support for those extra eight hours at night helps keep your girls up.

Becker suggests that ladies who have an A- or a B-cup don't need one (sorry, your breasts don't need the extra support), while those blessed with bigger cup sizes should consider wearing a bra during bedtime—just to give your boobs a little lift.

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That means you, Ellen Adarna.

In conclusion, it boils down to comfort. If you feel more comfortable wearing a push-up bra to bed to support your boobies, then that's totally fine! But there's nothing wrong with going bra-commando either.

Do you wear a bra to bed? Sound off by commenting below!

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