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Star Style For Less--Tips From A Celebrity Stylist

Celebs manage to look fab all the time--but not without the help of professionals. Here, celeb stylist Ram De Vera dishes his secrets, just for you.

What would it feel like to be dressed by a celebrity stylist? Don't you just wish you could seek the professional opinion of a personal shopper on how to look your best 24/7 without breaking the bank?

Look no further as we've got fashion and wedding stylist Ram De Vera on the fash' seat! The F.A.S.H. co-host and style confidant shares some style secrets--at no cost--just for you, Cosmo chicks!

Cosmo: What is the most common mistake women make when dressing for men? Why do you think they do this?

Ram: Women tend to forget that they are really meant to dress for themselves. In the case of "impressing," more often than not, the woman ends up overdoing the dressing or the makeup. My tip: Keep it simple, ladies. I'm a firm believer of less is indeed more.

C: What is the best outfit any woman can rely on when going on a romantic date?

R: It is the ever-reliable LBD (little black dress). Keep in mind to always flatter your assets. Showing a little bit of skin is sexy, but not all the way. Lace details cover you up but also give that sense of old world romance with a hint of sexiness. Don't forget to wear your highest pair of heels. It can be painful, but it has its rewards.

C: As a stylist and personal shopper, can you share some secrets you use on celebrities to help them achieve their preferred looks?

R: In general, do research--from the outfit to the makeup and hair. It would help us a lot in getting the look aimed for. Also, open up to shopping opportunities. Expensive doesn't necessarily mean chic.

C: In terms of confidence in their personal style, how alike or different are celebs from regular women? Do regular women need to always make an extra effort, just to look celeb-worthy?

R: The only difference between regular women and celebrities is the fact that celebrities have a team to fix them. Other than that, there's nothing else. Well, "regular women" sometimes need to be pushed a bit, for them to explore their full potential. Well, that's why we are here. We help organize and expand your full fashion potential.

C: What is your best fashion tip for women who are trying to define their own sense of style?

R: My best advice? Have fun and enjoy the road to finding your personal sense of style. Fashion is fun and it's meant to stay that way.

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