The Clueless Girl's Guide To Taking Care Of Jeans

How should you wash your denim bottoms?

Great jeans are hard to come by. Sure, there may be a ton of selections offered in the mall, but finding a pair that fits perfectly and comes in the right wash is rare. 

If you do find The One, proper maintenance is key to ensure that it lasts forever. Here, a couple of things you have to consider to prolong the life of your favorite denim bottoms.

Steam It Up
Feel like your jeans have caught too much dirt but scared to give them their first bath? A little steam gets rid of the funk without doing damage. Steaming your jeans will also help prolong the color, especially if they come in dark blue or black.

First Wash
Hardcore denim aficionados will tell you that you shouldn’t wash raw (this means stiff and unwashed) denim. Thre's actually a rule that says you have to wait six months before introducing your jeans to detergent. But this rule is relative. If your jeans start to stink, toss it in the washing machine, ASAP!

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