The 10 Commandments of Attending A Wedding

You are not the bride, therefore, do not upstage her.

1. Thou shall not wear white.

It's an unspoken rule that the bride should be the only one to wear white on her wedding day. So we're sorry, but you do not get to wear a white lace dress or a white tulle skirt.  Coral and seafoam green (pastels, in general) are always safe color ideas for your dress.

2. Thou shall read the wedding invite multiple times.

Brides are sneaky bitches, so they will probably dictate the do's and don'ts in the invite, so don't chuck it in your trash can once you get it. Aside from the venue and the time, you have to know if the wedding is formal, semi-formal, or garden formal. Should you veer away from printed dresses and stick to solid colors? Should you bring a gift, or just give the couple money? Repeat after us: Everything is in the invite. Read it.

3. Thou shall R.S.V.P.

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Many guests assume that once they get an invite, they're automatically part of the list. You aren't. Once you're absolutely sure that you're going, R.S.V.P., stat! If the invite says, "We have reserved two seats for you," let the wedding coordinator or the bride know you're bringing a date. The general rules are: 1. Do not show up with a dude, if you didn't say you were bringing a dude; and 2. Do not show up with a dude, if your invite says you cannot bring a dude.

4. Thou shall keep makeup simple.

The bride has to be the most beautiful woman in the room. It is HER day, not yours, so don't try to upstage her by coming in with long green falsies.

5. Thou shall wear makeup.

You shouldn't come to a wedding with absolutely nothing on. Weddings are still kind of a big deal, and you do want to look nice in the photos because those are FOREVER. Also, you never know. You may actually hit it off with that hot, single groomsman. And he will not hit on you if you have eye bags.

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6. Thou shall not wear a skimpy dress.

Absolutely no cutouts or crop tops. Nothing with too much cleavage. No thigh-high slits—like this!

7. Thou shall not be the super wasted girl at the bar.

You want to be remembered as the pretty girl at the wedding, not the single girl casualty who ugly cried at the open bar. Everyone remembers that girl. Do not be that girl.

8. Thou shall dance.

Don't be the corny girl who just sits around at the reception with her 3rd glass of Chardonnay. Dance with the cute grandpa, dance with the ring bearer—join in on the fun!

9. Thou shall eat before going to the reception.

Weddings take F-O-R-E-V-E-R. And there's usually a long wait in between the ceremony and the reception (SO!MANY!PICTURES!). So pack something—a sandwich, maybe a couple of cookies—so you can eat those before heading to the reception. Nobody wants a grumpy guest.

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10. Thou shall flirt with the hot, single groomsman.

One word: AVAIL.

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