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The Colors To Wear To Boost Your Mood

A simple style hack, really!
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For days when you’re in dire need of a pick-me-up outfit, here are fashionable colors to the rescue:


    Orange is rather a less intense version of red, which is a color that may actually be too strong and energy-draining for some. Orange is just right. It’s novel and bright and attracts attention and good vibes.

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  2. WHITE

    White is light-reflecting and will give you an instant *glow* even if you’re not really feeling all bright and glowy deep inside. It’s a simple and clean non-color that’s easy to wear and will definitely put whoever you meet in a good mood, too. An all-white power suit is one go-to for work days when you’re feeling meh.

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    Thankfully, this year’s Pantone color is fashionably in season, and a mood-booster, too. Purple, lavender, and all its cousins are considered stimulating colors, for energy and creativity to last you throughout the day. Try an ultra violet-on-ultra violet OOTD for maximum effect.

  4. GREEN

    It’s true when they say you should rest your tired eyes by looking at trees far, far away. Green is calming by nature, a refreshing hue, and reminds you of spring trees and flowers. On days when you’re burned out, find a skirt or a dress in leafy, summery prints and you’ll be prancing to your workplace in no time.

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    Yellow is a certain color that’ll cheer you up on when you’re feeling dark and dreary, and thankfully Gen Z yellow is all the rage these days. If you can actually wear a yellow top or jacket on a gloomy day, this may even encourage you to be less tamad to go to the office!

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