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The Cosmo Girl's Guide to Hard-To-Pronounce Brands

How do you pronounce Givenchy, Stila, and Yves Saint Laurent? We've got you covered, from A-Z.

Girl, if you think you’re the only one who has a difficult time pronouncing the most sosyal sounding brands, think again! Yup, even we editors ask Google—or each other—for help. Lately we’ve been obsessed with saying foreign brand names (especially the French ones!), so we turned to fashion editor colleagues, brand contacts, and YouTube channels like Pronunciation Manual to give us a lesson in enunciation.

We saved you the hassle of Googling and compiled the most commonly mispronounced brands you’ve probably been butchering for far too long. Want to sound like a pro, too? Browse our gallery now—you can thank us later!

What other fashion and beauty brands do you have trouble with? Comment below, and we’ll help you out.

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