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The White Shirt Effect Is A Thing That Makes Guys Cuter

According to girls around the world.

It is a universal truth that guys look so much better when they're wearing a white shirt. The logic is pretty simple, right? Guys just look more, errr, mabango.

So you have no idea how thrilled we were at the Cosmo HQ when we found a Tumblr account dedicated to hot guys in Hollywood wearing—well, you guessed it—a white top.

It's called The White Shirt Effect, and according to the website, it's "the principle by which any man automatically achieves a higher state of attractiveness when clothed in a white shirt, preferably a button down."

It's a well-curated photo site of celebrities and their magazine editorials. So you'll see Zac Efron, Jude Law, Ansel Elgort, Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman, Adam Brody, and Channing Tatum (WITH A DOG, YOU GUYS). We can't stop scrolling down because the Tumblr account has all of our favorite men! In one page!

So happy Tumblr isn't banned in the office!


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