This Is The Most Flattering Wedding Dress Style For All Women

Guaranteed to work on various body types!

Deciding on your ideal wedding look isn’t the simplest process. Getting prepped on a regular day is tough enough, so you can imagine how stressful it is for the big day! With all the silhouettes and styles out there, finding The One won’t come easy—unless you heed this celebrity stylist’s advice, of course.

Micaela Erlanger, who dresses women like Olivia Munn and Lupita Nyong’o, believes it’s the classic A-line that’s universally flattering. “If you're super petite, it's going to be nipped at the waist and will give you curves. If you are fuller figured, it's going to nip you at the waist and hide anything that maybe you're self-conscious about. So I think that's the way to go,” she said in an interview with Popsugar.

Well, that’s straightforward enough! With that tip in mind, here are A-line wedding gowns to file away in your inspiration folder:

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