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Just The Basics: The 6 Bras Every Woman Needs In Her Life

Know the *right* style for you!
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Bras are just some of the underrated items in our closets. We just mindlessly put them on, and sometimes, we don't even bother if it's in the right size. But it's time to change that mindset: Bras are essential so we must pay attention if the pair serves both our fashion and lifestyle needs!

To help you discover if the bras you currently own are working for your lifestyle, we came up with this basic list. Keep scrolling to be informed!

  1. T-shirt bra

    A well-made bra with underwire and molded cups will create a flattering silhouette when wearing t-shirts or flowy blouses.

    Level of need: 5/5

    Bench Body Padded Push-Up Bra

    Bench Body Padded Push-Up Bra, P369.75, Lazada


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  2. Multi-way bra

    If you must invest in one bra, it should be a good multi-way bra. This can transform into a strapless one for tube tops, a criss-cross bra for halter tops, or a single-strap bra for asymmetric blouses.

    Level of need: 4/5 

    Penshoppe Multiway Bra in Black & Bikini Panty in White

    Penshoppe Multi-Way Bra, P449, Lazada


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  3. Bralette

    The champion of quarantine 2020! Bralettes have risen to popularity because they support the boobs without the discomfort of underwires or thick pads. Not gonna lie, most designs are pretty enough to wear outdoors!

    Level of need: 4/5 

    Forever 21 Lace Bralette

    Forever 21 Lace Bralette, P655, Shopee


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  4. Sports bra

    Trust me, no matter what cup size you have, wearing a sports bra while working out is a must! A sports bra provides support to the breast tissue and prevents chest and back pain. The breasts' Cooper's Ligaments, when broken down or damaged, can lead to sagging that can't be reversed.

    Level of need: 3/5 

    Moving Peach Shockproof Sports Bra

    Moving Peach
     Shockproof Sports Bra, P669, Shopee


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  5. Stick-on bras

    If you're wearing a backless top and you need more coverage than a nipple tape could offer, try stick-on bras. These cups also add shape and provide support. Stick-on bras aren't really a must-have for everyone, but they can be handy for women who like back-baring outfits.

    Level of need: 2/5 

    White Label Intimates Veronica Extra Padded Adhesive Bra

    White Label Intimates Veronica Extra Padded Adhesive Bra, P520, Zalora


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Of course, this is just a list of recommendations, but the right bra styles really depend on your personality and lifestyle. If you favor lace bras over padded t-shirt brassieres, that's totally fine! Just like if you prefer the secure fit of low-back plunge bras over stick-on cups, it's all about personal preference. ;)

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