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Vogue Says These Are The Trends You Have To Drop Immediately

Oh my god, oversized clothes are out? Boo!

It's here! released an article about all the trends that you have to shop—or drop—for Spring/Summer 2015. And spoiler alert: you probably won't like them.

For instance, did you know that mannish, boyfriend-inspired clothes are totally out? Yep, this season is all about about the woman's silhouette. So we're talking printed frocks with cinched waists or A-line dresses with ultra-flattering stomach cutouts. Birkenstocks—or ugly sandals—are also considered passe, because dainty, ballet slippers are back. So we're going to guess and say that normcore is probably dead (and we are sad to see it go).

The article also mentioned ditching ear cuffs in favor of more Victorian-inspired jewelry, which means giant necklaces and drop earrings all styled together with a "soft knit or a striped shirt."

Also out? Bodycon dresses—GASP! Vogue says y'all should replace those with baby doll dresses, which you can pair with lace-up sandals.

Of course, you don't have to follow Vogue! If you think ugly sandals aren't going anywhere, or if you just cannot live without your bodycon dresses, don't ditch 'em.

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That, and it's summer! The only trend you really need to be working is a bikini. 

Happy summer, Cosmo girls!

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