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All The Pretty Ways You Can Wear Bralettes

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/myrrhlaoto, (RIGHT) Instagram/kelseymerritt

Time to start hoarding bralettes! First of all, they’re super comfy, and are like training/baby bras but for adults. They also come in super cute styles—cute enough to show the world! And since they’re very light, they’re perfect for our country’s hot and humid weather. (Bye, sweaty underboobs!) Here, a couple of ideas on how to style bralettes:

If you’re ready to go full-on hubadera (just like vlogger Rei Germar), pair your bralette with jeans.

But if you want to remain low-key, you can simply wear your lace bralette with a muscle tee. Foolproof model-off-duty look a la Kelsey Merritt!


Or you can wear a bralette under your sheer top like Kylie Versoza and Kim Cruz.

Bralettes are more playful than your usual bras, so they come in really cute (and bright) hues!

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Super love this ~cool girl~ outfit from Kween Nadz! What a cool way to style white culottes!

And I know I said that bralettes are playful, but when worn the right way, you can also wear them during formal events!

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