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What It's Really Like to Be Beyonce's Personal Assistant

"It is about looking clean and looking cool."

What do you wear to work when your boss is arguably the busiest (yet somehow also the most stylish) woman in the world? Beyoncé's personal assistant, Sam Greenberg, shared with Vogue what her workday wardrobe looks like.

When she's backstage or on red carpets, she sticks to rompers, jeans, tank tops, and Beyoncé tour merch. And most of the time, she wears all black.

"I think that in this job it is about looking clean and looking cool, and not trying to be much in the spotlight because that isn't why you're there," Greenberg says. "It is also representing whom you work for."

For Greenberg, good materials and quality trump quantity. But all you really need to splurge on is a few key pieces like a pair of chic, comfy flats (her favorites are Chanel espadrilles) and a cool jacket (her go-to is one by Balenciaga).

And since Beyoncé and her team are always on the go, Greenberg's picked up a few pointers on traveling practically but still looking work-appropriate.

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"Sometimes we get off the plane and go straight to a show or to a meeting," Greenberg says of her crazy schedule. "I always make sure it isn't 'too sweatpants and sweatshirt.' I wear overalls [by Topshop], which are really comfortable on planes." And then she'll dress it up with the aforementioned jacket and flats combo.

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She also always keeps a suitcase packed just in case of last-minute travel and relies on her duffel bag from camp days (the biggest one she owns).

"I'm not really good at unpacking, so I kind of leave it half-empty, half-full," Greenberg adds, proving that even as Beyoncé's right-hand woman, she's just like any other girl.


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