What To Wear To The Coldplay Concert

If you were lucky enough to score tickets, that is.
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When dressing for a concert, the trick is to keep it stylish yet comfortable. You might not think anyone will notice your outfit, since you'll be squished like sardines for a huge chunk of the night, but trust us—they will while you're walking from your car to the gate or lining up to use the portable toilet (yuck).

Plus, unless you're the type of person who has mastered the art of standing in high heels for hours, we recommend nixing your stilts for comfy flats. Want to be hardheaded about it? Fine—but please go for chunky block heels.

Ahead, 10 outfits to consider for Coldplay's Manila concert, aka the gig we've been waiting for our entire lives.

Keep cool in a feather-light slip dress, because it's bound to get hot in the mosh pit.

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White t-shirts mask any signs of wear and tear (aka sweat). Add a pop of color with a bold mini skirt.

Or go for Coachella cool by pairing it with your shortest denim cutoffs. Throw in a long-line cardi, wide-brim hat, and ankle boots to the mix, too.

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If there's one print that's possibly Coldplay-approved, it's a fabric full of stars.

Then againand I'm sure this has occurred to tons of peopleyou can always wear yellow.

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A floral dress is standard music festival attire. And if it gets too hot for your denim jacket, simply tie it around your waist.

A neck scarf looks chic, but let's be realit also serves the purpose of catching your sweat.

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Sheer fabrics are heaven-sent on hot summer nights. Meanwhile, a sling bag keeps your valuables close by.

Stay presko in a barely there camisole tucked into high-waist denim bottoms.

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Lace-up details add an edgy, punky spin to a clean white dress, while low boots keep your toes from being stepped on.

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