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You Probably Make These Shoe-Shopping Mistakes

And that's why you have a gazillion pairs you never wear.

1. Impulsive Shopping

Adrenalin-induced purchases often lead to buyer’s remorse. Before you spend your hard-earned cash for a new pair of shoes, give yourself a day or two to think about it. Contemplate on the following: Will it match the items you already own? Does it fit perfectly? Is it comfortable to wear? Do you really need it? If you can’t stop thinking about it—to the point that it even haunts you in your dreams—go for it.

2. Not trying them on before buying them.

Fit is everything. Walk around the store in them. Check if your toes aren’t feeling cramped, and if the shoe is not too loose.  Do not rely on the size alone. Shoe manufacturers have different measurement references. You might end up suffering from foot injuries (blisters and bunions!) if you wear the wrong shoe size.

3. Choosing "curb-to-cab" heels.

FYI, these are shoes that require you to take a cab everywhere (because they're too painful to walk in)! Sure, they look fancy, but when that pair of towering heels becomes life-threatening, it’s just not worth it. Wearing sky-high heels strains the little bones on the balls of the toes and the shin. Plus, you might trip in them! On average, a three-inch heel is a workable height. But if you really need a boost, grab a pair with a platform for added support, and remember to give your gams a break every hour. Take a seat or lean on something.


4. Not breaking them in. 

With new shoes come painful blisters—but only if you don’t break them in. As soon as you buy a new pair, wear socks and walk in them around the house. 

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