Some Panties Are Harmful To Pregnant Women

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According to a new underwear brand, your love of comfortable cotton panties could actually be affecting your health.

While we all know the side-effects of wearing control underwear or thongs, we've never put much thought into those huge, comfortable cottons we save for special occasion (that is, Netflix marathons and Sunday morning cuddles with the cat on the sofa).

But one study suggests that the chemicals (Nonylphenol Ethoxylates) used in the production of cotton can sometimes end up in the finished product, which can be harmful to the health of pregnant women and cause dreadful complications including miscarriage.

Mighty Good Undiesan Australian lingerie brand—is trying to highlight the hidden dangers of our panties in their new campaign #SwitchYourUnderwear.

Alongside the personal health issues, Mighty Good Undies also wants to bring our attention to the environmental problems with chemical cotton production.

Co-founder Elena Antoniou explained to the Daily Mail why their products are so different: "We produce in a supply chain that is certified under the Global Organic Textile Standardthe world's best, and most comprehensive, environmental standard for textiles.

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"It ensures that the cotton is grown and processed without harmful pesticides or toxic chemicals that can end up as residues on our clothes, and harm the environment and our personal health."

You can learn more about their campaign by heading over to their Crowd Funding page and watching the video below.

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