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What's In My Bag? College Edition

What do college chicks bring to school these days? We took a peek inside the school bags of three students from De La Salle University to find out.
For a breath of fresh air after several weeks of prying into the bags of celebrities, we decided to give your favorite section, What’s In My Bag?, a little twist: we’ll let you in on what typical college girls bring to school these days. After doing Style Paparazzi and Guyspotting in De La Salle University, we asked three La Sallian girls to let us rummage through their interestingly glamorous school bags that go with their equally chic school attire.

We first checked out the daily essentials of Natasha Gregorio, a 19-year old International Studies student majoring in European Studies. A look at the contents of her bag will give you the impression that she’s one classy, designer brand-loving chick: think Gucci wallet and Chance by Chanel perfume.

Next we peered inside the bag of Celine Estella, a Marketing Management sophomore who just turned 18, whose essentials include her mobile phone, watch, and calculator—so she’s ready anytime her professor gives a surprise accounting exercise.

Then there’s Thea Leong, a 16-year-old Development Studies freshman, who told Cosmo that one thing that she can never leave the house without is her wallet, where you can find her DLSU ID, credit cards, rosary, and her cell phone—talk about one big wallet!

Now click on the gallery button below to see for yourself what these girls stash inside their school bags.272
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