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What's In The Bag Of Chic Chinese Chicks?

Being enterprising and hardworking can definitely get you what you want in life--designer bags and other valuable possessions included. This is what we learned when we approached three career-driven ladies, who all happen to be celebrating Chinese New Year along with their families, and asked them to grant us a peek inside their bags.

We first rummaged through the bag of 25-year-old Joyce Tan, who left the comforts of working for her family’s hosiery manufacturing business to endure long, late-night shifts as a Technology Consultant in a multinational IT firm. Her simplicity is reflected in her minimalist Kate Spade bag where she keeps only basics, like her wallet, phone, camera, iPod, and blush.

You will see the contents of Cindy Ng's bag next. Despite being so busy co-managing their family’s houseware manufacturing business, the 26-year-old still finds time to pursue her passion: designing jewelry. She is one classy and organized chick, with her daily essentials neatly tucked in a mesh bag organizer inside her silver Gucci bag.

The last girl whose bag contents you'll see is Cecil Ng, 25. Her regular day is spent inside the kitchen whipping up dishes for her food-to-go business. Being the foodie that she is, she also helps oversee their family’s co-owned coffee shop in Malate. Her quirky and girly side is reflected in her practically all-pink possessions: from her Coach bag and pouches to makeup and gadgets.

Check out the gallery to see what these girls have hidden inside their bags.
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