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No pro skills needed.
Hot styling tools aren't just for pros, and neither are your options limited to a curling and flat iron. If you're a hair newbie, you have a variety of options that won't require expert-level skills
Put the bottle down and read this first.
If you're a devout Cosmo reader (and, um, you should be), you already know all about the benefits of using castor oil for your hair to make it extra hydrated and strong. But what about your eyelashes? Castor oil has long
Remember when Billie Eilish sported a mullet on the red carpet and everyone was all: "Hell yeah, Billie is such a badass she could literally pull off any hairstyle."Then a few days later, Billie broke the news that her vintage cut
We're obsessed with all of them!
2020's makeup trends can be summed up in one word: FUN. Sorry to all of the low-key makeup people out there, but the days of no-makeup makeup and sheer washes of color are being put on pause for
These looks are actually fire.
Here's the thing about red hair: Even though it's one of the prettiest hair colors out there (l mean, have you looked at your Insta feed lately?), it's also a maaaajor commitment. "Red is the hardest color to maintain
Talk about being protective.
Rise and shine, it's another morning in the Kylie Jenner empire, (and therefore a beautiful day for trademarking!)Yep, it's true-the billionaire beauty gal has managed to out-Kylie herself, adding to her list of registered trademarks
The star opened up about his marriage + lessons he's learned in a new interview.
As he promotes his latest album Changes, Justin Bieber is being more open and honest than ever. Whether it's about his health, his sex life or his private life, the singer is seemingly more candid about everything-including his past
'Is that racism and fatphobia I smell?'
It's safe to say that Harry Styles and Lizzo have been enjoying a blossoming friendship of late. From performing together in Miami last month to covering each other's songs in the Radio 1 Live Lounge, and cozying up
Nothing says love like some misspelled body art!
Getting a tattoo dedicated to your child is a really sweet and touching move-but Orlando Bloom has found out the hard way that it can lose some sentimental value when you spell their name wrong.Orlando was inked with a Morse
Our childhood dream of becoming a Disney princess will finally come true.
You don't have to marry actual royalty to get your happily ever after. For Disney babies who've always dreamt of a fairytale ending that's very much like the movies of their childhood, we bear good news: You can