Those '30s brows, though!
Comedy, drama, western, sci-fi, and horror: Movies have always been a fantasy land we can all escape to when the real world is just being shitty AF. And if you're a beauty addict like us, we bet you notice and
Pay attention to the beauty looks, too!
Many Filipinas have a not-so-secret wish to become flight attendants-the interest in our appropriately themed stories are proof of that. And while we've come to learn that it's a career that's not always glamorous and requires
Who can forget the platform pumps of the early 2000s?
It's always fascinating to see how fashion evolves as time goes by. We've seen the swimsuits and handbags our lolas and moms loved in their youth, and we've also been inspired by the engagement rings and wedding dresses from
Overdrawn lips were already huge in the late '30s!
YouTube/AllureWe're all for learning about history, especially if it involves lipstick. Allure teamed up with celebrity makeup artist Kandee Johnson, who gave us a crash course on some of the biggest lip trends over the past 100 years! It turns
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