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It's one of her most emotional and vulnerable songs.
Here's something to get you through hump day: Taylor Swift just dropped her new song called "The Archer!" It's the fifth track of her new album, Lover, which will come out on August 23. Produced by frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff, "
Surprise, surprise Swifties!
Taylor Swift is in a giving mood as she celebrates her 26th birthday, offering up a new concert film online.As the pop star celebrated on December 13, Sunday, Apple Music bosses announced plans to release footage from her 1989 world tour
'F**k her. I don't give a f**k about her.'
Jared Leto went on an online rant criticizing our fave girl Taylor Swift's 1989 album.In a recently released video, the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman critiques the pop star's music while listening to songs of hers in a recording
That's 125 people, mind you.
Taylor Swift showed her appreciation for her 1989 tour crew by treating them to a vacation in Australia!Tay-tay is preparing to wrap her 85-day tour which spanned four continents on December 12, and to celebrate, she recently took her
When Taylor Swift posted this pic on her Instagram, her 46.9 million followers let out a collective gasp:OH. MY. GOD. Is this a joke? Is this an effing hoax? Is someone messing with our Queen Tay-Tay?!No. It's
We've got her singing pop, rock, country, and RnB.
Can Justin Timberlake just perform on stage more often? PLEASE?! Having been busy with movies and being a dad to Silas Randall, this surprise performance totally gave us some serious throwback vibes. JT still has it, yo.Who knew Taylor could rock
This is so weird.
If you thought Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" was a badass action mini-film before, just wait until you see it without music. In this new music-less edit of the video (which stars pretty much everyone famous ever) House of Halo
Crazy beautiful.
1. "I've seen Twilight and I liked it. Particularly the parts with the blood-sucking."2. "I call this the kiss of death."3. "Ugh, I can't believe I just tore up this beautiful car. What am I doing with
It's a "Shake It Off" battle!
This is gold! A YouTuber decided to sync Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" to this retro aerobics dance routine, and it fit together perfectly. Coincidentally, the video was shot in 1989, the year Taylor was born and the title of her
Oh, Taylor Swift. You always know how to give us #feels.
We're not even gonna lie-1989 has been on repeat on our iPods since it came out last week. We can't help it, we're simply OBSESSED with Taylor Swift. Not only are her new songs super catchy and LSS-
Three words to get you through any shit that comes your way: Shake It Off
It's been almost two years since Taylor Swift released Red, so we were beyond ecstatic when she finally announced the new single from her fifth album, 1989 (That's the year she was born, FYI). Although it comes out on October
Haters gonna hate!
If you feel like you've hit rock bottom from all the negativity you're surrounded with-be it that ultra nega officemate or jerk of a boyfriend-take a cue from our spirit animal Taylor Swift on how to deal when