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Go around the world without leaving your home.
If there's one thing we really miss doing right now, it's traveling! Whether you're wandering locally or abroad, there's something freeing about going on adventures in places far from home. If you're feeling the quarantine blues, don'
We have so much love for this actor.
Start-Up has caught everyone's attention and one of the things we are truly grateful for is it introduced us to rising star Kim Seon Ho. Not everyone can light up the screen just by their mere presence, but with
Not at all, oppa!
Whether you're #TeamDosan or #TeamGoodBoy, you can't deny that Start-Up actor Kim Seon Ho, aka Han Ji Pyeong, is one charming man. (Those dimples! That smile! That aura!) But did you know that before Start-Up aired, our favorite
Oh, to be serenaded by him~
Hello to everyone especially to Kim Seon Ho fans! This weekend's episodes of Start-Up had us crying buckets, so to make things a little better, we're blessing your day with a video of our Han Ji Pyeong, aka Good
'It was to the extent that the cars couldn’t pass.'
Who else is whipped for Kim Seon Ho because of Start-Up? The 34-year-old actor has been gaining massive recognition recently (if he's also all over your Facebook feed, please raise your hand!) and is considered the newest cause