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How many have you been to?
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There's something so innocent about seeing an adorable animal living his or her best life, which is why pet owners have started making Instagram accounts for their little buddies. Here are the 10 most popular pets on Instagram. Do yourself
Which one do *you* use the most?
Instagram released its 2017 Year in Review list and found the five most commonly used filters:Which one is your personal favorite? ;)Source: InstagramFollow Ysa on Instagram.
We're not surprised; these places are on our list, too!
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We present: nine Korean oppas and each of their "Best 9" Instagram highlights of 2017-minus Gong Yoo and Song Joong Ki because they're too cool for social media. Follow Ysa on Instagram.
No one could top 'Despacito.'
Listed in no particular order, except for number one, which is exactly where it's supposed to be.There is no one on the planet who feels lukewarm about this song-you either hate it or you're incapable of