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From stripes to chunky sneaks.
2018 was a rollercoaster of a year, and we all deserve a pat on our back for making it this far! To get you feeling a little bit ~nostalgic~, here's a quick look back on the fashion trends celebs couldn&#
No one wants to look like a talong.
Barney is no peg for a Cosmo girl. If you want to wear 2018's ultraviolet, check out which hues would best complement the color of the year.Black, white, and grey would tone down the strong color. To add edge to
Five of them are all from Selena Gomez's Insta!
Pretty much everyone has Instagram these days-it is 2017, after all-and with 800 million users on the platform, there are a lot of photos floating around the digital world. But not all Instas are created equal, and these celebs'
We reveal the right resolution for you.
Make 2018 the chapter that you look back on as having made a real difference in your life's story.Reading? Really?? It's OK, Aries, you push yourself hard enough as it is. This resolution is about relaxation, free *
We're calling it now.
2018 is a going to be great year for your beauty game. Yup, from peanut butter eyeshadow to Kirakira lip gloss, we predict these will be the biggest makeup trends of next year (And spoiler: They're all insanely pretty).Kirakira
'Who do I speak to about canceling 2018?'
The Mamma Mia! sequel was shaping up nicely-bringing together all of the original cast for another Hollywood spectacular featuring the music of ABBA-that is until the trailer dropped.The first look at 2018's Mamma Mia! Here We Go