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Your 20s can be an extremely stressful and daunting time. Think about it: So far, it's the only point in your life that's *truly* unplanned. And that's when the universe swings hard. But success (or in some cases, survival)
Drop them for good, girl.
1. Holding a grudge against your ex.We know it can be hard to forget the past, but why bother stressing yourself over a relationship that has already ended? According to a study published in the Association for Psychological Science, holding on
Like, staying in a bad relationship for too long.
As I approach 30, I have a pretty solid idea of who I want to be when I get there. And even if the 3-0 is an arbitrary demarcation between youth and true adulthood, it's important to set goals for
Money matters A LOT.
1. You have very few real friends. Socializing was easier in high school and college because you saw those same people every single day. It was effortless. But when you're sent out into the real world, you become focused on finding
She's a Teen Queen no more.
Kathryn Bernardo has officially said goodbye to her teen years. After turning 20 years old on March 26, the Kapamilya star is trading her crown as the Teen Queen-a title she's comfortably owned up to these past years-for all
What a great way to celebrate the end of your teen years!
Instagram/bernardokath, Summit BooksKathryn Bernardo just turned 20 years old over the weekend (March 26) and she's celebrating the end of her teen years by releasing her very own book, Everyday Kath: 365 Ways to be a Teen Queen.Everyday Kath
"I've worked really hard for this and I deserve it." NOPE.
1. You can judge a woman by her expensive leggings. Just because someone walks around with her sosyal workout clothes and her why-would-anyone-buy-something-that-ridiculous-at-this-age designer handbag does not mean she's coming home to
Like most twentysomethings.
Reese Witherspoon feels much more at ease as she approaches her 40th birthday after confessing she was "scared of everything" in her 20s.The Walk the Line star reaches the milestone in March, and while some celebrities hate the idea of aging,
'I'm not fucking old. I'm more sexual and powerful and intelligent and on my shit than I've ever been.'
Pop superstar Lady Gaga is embracing her age as she approaches her 30th birthday, confessing she has "already mourned" the end of her 20s.The singer will celebrate the age milestone on March 28, and although she admits to previously being upset
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