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She brought BamBam to one of her fave Pinoy restaurants!
Pambansang Krung-Krung Sandara Park is one supportive sunbae (senior artist)!On July 28, Sandara met up with GOT7's BamBam in Manila and introduced him to delicious Filipino food (and beer) at one of her favorite Filipino restaurants.BamBam posted
Yup, he appeared in their MVs not just once but twice!
In case you're not familiar with how the Hallyu world ~revolves~, your favorite Korean actors don't just appear in K-dramas or K-movies-they make special cameos in K-pop music videos, too! We're always
She's so comfortable speaking in Filipino!
Sandara Park has not forgotten her Filipino roots!The 2NE1 member and Pambansang Krung-Krung showcased her fluency in speaking Filipino at a restaurant in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.On April 27, Sandara shared an Instagram video reel of her ordering food
Dara is the new fitspiration!
2022 is shaping up to be quite a year for Sandara Park! Fresh from her ~legendary~ Coachella performance with the rest of the 2NE1 members, Sandara was revealed to be the newest model for the American fashion house, Calvin Klein.On April
He's a huge fan of the queens of K-pop!
It's been six years since we've last seen 2NE1 onstage and their Coachella performance is still surreal! If you're a Blackjack and you grew up listening to these queens who taught us that beauty is being
The ~miracle~ in their lives are their MIRACLEs!
A feel-good K-pop playlist is never complete without OH MY GIRL's "Dolphin." When I first listened to this song (thanks to my friend who recommended it), I could imagine myself sipping a glass of orange juice by the
We could've seen her perform "I Am The Best"!
K-pop idols who transitioned into K-dramas are nothing new, but here's something that might surprise you: Beauty queen and Korean actress Honey Lee (also known as Lee Hanee) almost debuted as a member of 2NE1!Before she represented
Let's take a look at the B-E-S-T!
Sandara Park will always be famous and aside from her beauty, personality, and talent, we'd also like to give a round of applause to the many hairstyles she pulled off during 2NE1's promotional activities. For new fans, the &#
Our Blackjack hearts are so happy!
What was supposed to be a solo appearance by CL at the recent Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival turned out to be 2NE1's surprise reunion stage and we're still crying! It turns out, the mastermind behind the
Say hello to ~CinDARAlla!~
Sandara Park's BFF, Joross Gamboa, has the most hilarious reactions when she *lost* a shoe during 2NE1's Coachella performance!ICYMI, the queens of K-pop surprised everyone yesterday when they reunited onstage-their first time after six years.
Prepare to scream, K-pop fans: 2NE1 just performed at the 2022 Coachella!Earlier this week, the music and arts festival announced that the group's leader, CL, is part of the lineup this year for 88rising's Head In
She's a certified VIP!
K-pop superstars BIGBANG are gearing up for their much-anticipated comeback and VIPs are not the only ones thrilled!On Friday, Sandara Park took to Twitter and responded to a fan asking if she's also excited about BIGBANG'
Happy Women's Month!
While K-pop songs are easy to listen and dance along to because of the way their music is produced, more often than not, listeners tend to overlook the true meaning of a song. A lot of K-pop tracks actually talk
Did you start your K-pop journey during this era?
Do you remember when you became a K-pop fan and which group you first loved? How about the feeling of making new friends, discovering new music, and attending K-pop events in your area at a time when K-pop was
We're so excited!
Heads up, POS, Blackjacks, and A'TINs!K-pop and P-pop ~royalties~ Minzy and SB19 are set to deliver must-see performances at the "K-nnected Forever" festival and they're inviting Filipino fans to the virtual party!The
*sings 'Fire' at the top of my lungs*
Here at Cosmo, we love second-generation K-pop group reunions. So imagine how loud we screamed when we found out that 2NE1 just had a get-together!On March 9, Dara, CL, and Minzy uploaded the same black and white mirror
This song is basically *our* childhood!
Let's turn back time to 2007 when all of us were *obsessed* with The Click Five: The American band's hit song "Jenny" dominated the Myx Hit Charts and Pinoys were found singing "First you say you won'
BRB, crying again.
K-pop groups-despite being a household name and having a loyal fanbase- are not exempted when it comes to disbandment. It's hard for fans, but it's even more heartbreaking for the members who have no idea about
She's a huge fan of 2NE1!
A couple of months ago, I chanced upon this song called "DUMB DUMB" by Jeon Somi. I can't shake its addicting whistling tune out of my head! So naturally, I whole-heartedly jumped into this Somi rabbit hole. And from its