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Bet you've never considered some of these.
Sixty-nining is a...controversial position. People either love it or hate it, but mostly, they hate it. Either way, you're usually not going to get all tangled up in a 69 if you're ambivalent about it. So while it
It's really hard to warn someone you're about to finish from this position...
For a lot of people, 69 is more like sixty-nein. That's because it requires the stark severity of the Germanic language to communicate their displeasure. It's a polarizing position. Some people love it, and some people can't even
Most 69ing is awkward, but these moments are especially awkward.
No matter which way you do it, most 69ing is awkward"‹. Different heights, weird angles, and getting too wrapped up in how good you feel that you forget you're supposed to be actually participating-it happens to everyone. Here, six women
Unleash your man's inner animal in bed with these 10 tried and tested carnal moves.
Sure, men are predictable-but then again they may still surprise you. Cosmo gives you a rundown of the hottest moves that are sure to keep your man fired up. And, yes, this is according to men themselves. We also asked some
See the studs stripping to the waist and sinking some balls in our behind-the-scenes shots of the last Bachelor Shoot.
See how Cosmo screened loads of eligible men and narrowed it down to the 69 lust-worthiest of them all!
See how Cosmo turned these men into beer-guzzling, big bike-riding hot rebels in our behind-the-scenes gallery.
Our greased up men made a backdrop of junk and concrete look like Fantasy Island. See our behind-the-scenes gallery.
With September just around the corner, Cosmo is hard at work hunting for this year’s hottest 69.
As early as May, the Cosmo crew has been screening flocks of fine young men in search of the hunkiest of them all, who will grace the pages of the Cosmomen supplement. Want a sneak peek at the dudes who braved the
After weeks of meeting and scrutinizing throngs of men in search of 2009's hottest 69, Cosmo finally wrapped up the hunt--as documented here.
Cosmo made these men flex those sexy, meaty muscles and sweat it out for the ladies.