Do you always end up with raccoon eyes because of your eyeliner? We have a solution.
Hi, Agoo!Can you recommend a good pencil eyeliner that's easy to apply and that's smudge-proof? I always end up with raccoon eyes!Kuks, 44Hi, Kuks!To prevent your eyeliner from straying, it's best to prep the area
Before you march to "Pomp and Circumstance," make sure you look flawless with this beauty cheat sheet!
Hi, Agoo!I'm graduating from college this week, and I haven't figured out how to do my makeup. Can you suggest products I can use so I can look simple, yet glam? It's such a big day for me!
Say sayonara to dry, old-looking hands!
Dear Agoo,I have seen pictures of your hands on Instagram, and I think they're so beautiful and elegant! How do you take care of them? I'm Chinese, and I feel like I have old-looking hands compared to people
What's an ideal moisturizer for girls with oily skin who want a dewy, non-matte look?
Dear Agoo, I know I have to use a moisturizer, but I get oily easily-especially now that it's becoming warmer. Could you recommend an oil-free moisturizer that would be good for my skin? I really want to achieve the
Head to a reputable waxing salon when you finally decide to go bare down there.
Dear Agoo, I'm planning a beach trip with friends next month, and I want to get a Brazilian wax. I've never done it before, because I have low pain tolerance! Do you have any tips for first-timers? Can you
Make sure you have these essentials in your beauty arsenal.
Dear Agoo, I'm a makeup newbie, and I just wanted to know what beauty products I should invest in. I know nothing about skincare and beauty tools, but I do think I should invest in essentials, especially now that I'm
Be bikini-ready in time for summer!
Dear Agoo,I'm planning a weekend getaway at the beach with my friends, but I'm really embarrassed to wear the new bikini I bought because I have stretch marks! Are there lotions I can use to help me
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