Nothin' in this world like this couple!
James Reid and Nadine Lustre brought on the kilig in the music video of James and Billy Crawford's song, "Filipina Girl," in March. Now, they're making us melt in the behind-the-scenes video that just came out. Here
The onscreen chemistry is still oh so real.
Viva Records just dropped the music video for Billy Crawford's latest song, "Filipina Girl", a collaboration project with music producer Marcus Davis, who wrote the original version of the song. James Reid later on joined the project, adding (with Nadine
The R&B singer allowed Cosmo to rummage through her see-through bag that she brought to a Cosmo fashion shoot.
Amber Davis is known in the local music scene as the multi-awarded R&B singer/songwriter who is an advocate of original music--and a dead ringer for Mandy Moore. Despite her caucasian looks, Amber is Pinoy and proud of it.
Know more about the singer with a world-class talent and the looks of Mandy Moore as she talks to Cosmo about fashion and her love of sexy outfits.
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