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We ALL love mess!
I know that as an entertainment editor, I should probably spend at least some time towards the end of the year thinking about the best pop culture ~things~ that happened in 2019. But, to be totally honest, I don't think
Chase scenes, racing sequences, and more!
You've had your horror, rom-com, and even sci-fi, but there's a very specific movie genre dedicated to cars and the need for speed. The latest is Ford v Ferrari, a film that goes into how these
We all have that teenager in us who's dying for more John Green content!
We all dearly love and admire John Green's work. He introduced us to heartbreak, made us want to ~run away from home~, and convinced us that LOVE IS REAL! And because we know you can't get enough of
So you can school your friends on the plot holes.
The book: Stephanie Patrick's family was on board a plane that crashed leaving no survivors. Her life destroyed, she turns to drugs and prostitution until she discovers the plane crash was not an accident. She then vows to get revenge
Oh look, you're crying as hard as you were during the movie!!
The stars of our favorite sob-inducing film reunited at the 75th Golden Globe Awards and the Internet-or at least anyone/everyone who has even the most tangential understanding of the book-turned-movie-can't contain its excitement. The
And he did it while wearing a $1,020 Prada shirt. Classic Ansel.
If you're going to cover a Ryan Gosling song from La La Land, you might as well look your best self. Last week, Ansel Elgort took to Instagram to share a video of himself crooning fans with "City of Stars," performed
D'you think they can replace Harrison Ford?
Scott Eastwood, Miles Teller and Ansel Elgort are among the actors on the shortlist to play a young Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars spin-off film.Bosses at Disney and Lucasfilm are working on a movie centered on Harrison Ford'
We're number one, okay? Okay.
Pinoys really can't resist a good old kilig yet tragic love story.According to Google data, the Philippines is the most obsessed with John Green's The Fault In Our Stars, beating USA and Spain. Filipinos searched for the keywords "The
Here, news you missed while you were sleeping.
1 Saab Magalona finally speaks out. The blogger admitted that she was "punched on the head several times by an intoxicated man," when she attended a private party on Saturday, May 31 in Kapitolyo. The drunk guy, who was a gatecrasher at