Before we bid goodbye to our July Online Hunk, see more of the super adorbs--and super <i>kulit</i>--young star in our behind-the-scenes gallery!
July Online Hunk Arron Villaflor is adorable--and we're not just saying that because he's a hottie. This romantic sweetheart believes that guys should always make the first move, and admits to making a girl feel special the old-fashioned
This actor-student also owns a business, plans to open a restaurant, <i>and</i> hopes to be a good father someday. Get to know him better as he ends his Online Hunk stint this week.
From Star Circle Quest recruit to Gigger Boy teen heartthrob to Cosmo Online Hunk--Arron Villaflor's definitely showing everyone that he's ready to assume a more mature image. As July draws to an end and we bid farewell to this
The more you know Arron, the more you'll be convinced that he's for keeps. This week, he dishes his traditional <i>Pinoy</i> courtship moves, PLUS the cheesy pickup line that wins us over.
Just when you thought there were no more fans of old-fashioned Filipino courtship among today's males, in comes July Online Hunk Arron Villaflor, who tells us why he likes it when he's the one who makes the first move.
Wondering if this hunky actor is single or taken? What would he be like as a date? Discover more about Arron as he talks about his dating deeds in detail in this week's feature.
You know that a guy's a keeper when he has ambition, passion, and kindness--three things that our July Online Hunk, Arron Villaflor, has in spades. This 22-year-old actor-slash-college undergrad won us over when he talked about
All <i>kolehiyalas'</i> heads will turn when they see our Online Hunk walking down the hallways. Get to know this actor and college hunk all month of July!
Handsome, talented, and totally driven, Arron Villaflor first caught our eye as the resident dance floor heartthrob in ABS-CBN's Star Circle Quest in 2005. Seven years since, the rising star has kept girls giddy with his acting chops, kaka-fall
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