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We missed you, Cap!
UPDATE as of 5:46 p.m., March 4:Well, what have we got here? An actual video greeting from Chris Evans himself, that is! Check out this cute clip of the newest Smart ambassador say the telco's iconic catchphrase: "
Because if he’s not, we will TAKE TO THE STREETS.
A few days ago, reports emerged that the Spider-Man franchise might not be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore, and it's basically because of a major deal happening between Disney (which owns Marvel Studios) and Sony.If you care
Our favorite spy is back!
We haven't seen the end of Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, yet.Our hearts may have been broken with what happened to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in Avengers: Endgame, but at least we'll be
Even though Missandei and Rhaegal didn't exist IRL, it's still fine to not feel fine.
Did you stock up on Kleenex to brace yourself for Game Of Thrones' Battle of Winterfell? Are you mourning the Fallen in Avengers: Endgame? You're not alone: the pain you feel when your favorite fictional characters are killed off
Who else wants to get inked, like, right now??
When we decide to get tattoos, there's almost always a special meaning behind them, and the same goes for our fave celebs! Some of their acting projects have been so significant that it made them decide to get inked in
Why didn't we see her in the film?!
Here's something you probably didn't know about Avengers: Endgame: 13 Reasons Why actress Katherine Langford actually shot some scenes for the film! So how come we didn't see her in the final cut? According to a
Some people move on. But not us.
Pinoys have a way of making everything distinctly Filipino, even international movie franchises such as Marvel's Avengers. With all the hype surrounding Avengers: Endgame, PH artists have been creating lots of Marvel fan art. One even reimagined the characters as
He even asks about Boracay!
We all know just how beautiful our islands are. But we still can't hide our kilig whenever Hollywood celebs gush about how much they love them!Wil Dasovich had the amazing opportunity to interview Avengers: Endgame stars Jeremy Renner and
Fun fact: Scarlett hates traditional cardio exercises!
It's been years since Iron Man 2 premiered aka when we first met Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which also means it's been almost a decade since Scarlett Johansson first stepped inside a gym. You read
Yup, they know we're the biggest fans!
Avengers: Endgame began showing in the Philippines on Wednesday, April 24, and already it smashed local box office records. It earned P205.6 million on opening day alone, beating last year's record of P141.6 million from Avengers: Infinity War.Fans
Which stars do you think look the part?
Pinoy graphic artist Glenn Paolo Villeza's Avengers fan art is making waves online.That's because he just reimagined the popular superheroes if they were portrayed by our local celebs, and the Facebook post sharing Glenn Paolo's
The first screening starts as early as 6 a.m.
We're only a few weeks away until we find out what happened to our fave disintegrated superheroes when Avengers: Endgame finally premieres on April 24. While you're busy making plans and trying to find the perfect sched for
Aaahhh! Can’t wait!
The new trailer of Avengers: Endgame is out, and it's unearthed a whole bag of emotions. As we all know, the previous Avengers installment Infinity Wars didn't leave our heroes in the best of places. If we must admit, the
Brie signed on to appear in seven movies that ties her to multiple franchises.
Captain Marvel is about to hit the big screen, and everyone is curious and excited to see Brie Larson portray Carol Danvers. We all know she's spent the last year working out to play the part. More importantly, this is
You gotta see who made the cut!
2018 graced us with a couple of royal weddings, multiple celebrity breakups, a whole bunch of new TV shows to binge-watch, and movies that made us both laugh and cry at the same time! Want to know what Pinoys Googled the
For example, when is this thing coming out? And why is Carol wearing teal?
Marvel is finally making a female-led superhero movie-Captain Marvel, about Air Force pilot/space superhero Carol Danvers-and if their statements are to be believed, it's coming out in less than a year. It's only taken
Karen Gillan had to learn martial arts choreography for her fight scenes.
With the entire universe on Gamora's side, we think it's time we paid a little more attention to Nebula and the woman who brings her to life, Karen Gillan. First of all, can you believe she looks like
After all these years, we're still shipping them SO HARD.
It's been over a week since Avengers: Infinity War took over cinemas worldwide (our entire lives, really) and we don't blame you if you're so into the Marvel hype.But tbh, two of our favorite Avengers-
According to Marvel's official nutritionist Dr. Philip Goglia.
To respect those who haven't seen Avengers: Infinity War, we won't reveal anything crucial, but we will say that Wanda Maximoff kicked so much ass. We personally think she doesn't get enough credit! Elizabeth Olsen, who