As part of our 3rd anniv Top 10 series, we take you through the star-filled stories that had you clicking like crazy in the past 12 months!
One thing that we gals at are proud of is that we're always on top of what's happening among local and international Tinseltown's finest. Through our Buzz List section, we aim to keep you in the loop
In celebration of's 3rd anniv, we're taking a look back at our top stories. This week, we're counting down your favorite online hotties!
As part of our 3rd birthday celebration, we launched our Best of series last week, kicking off with a roundup of our Top 10 Cover Girls. This week, we're putting the spotlight on the Online Hunks who got you
The online home of fun, fearless Pinays is now three years old! We kick off our best-of series with the cover chicks who got you clicking the most.
It was three years ago when the Filipina's lifestyle guide on fashion, beauty, sex, career, and relationships sought and conquered a totally different platform--the Internet! With the birth of in September 2009, Cosmo became a stronger, bolder, daily
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