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As part of our 3rd anniv Top 10 series, we take you through the star-filled stories that had you clicking like crazy in the past 12 months!
One thing that we gals at are proud of is that we're always on top of what's happening among local and international Tinseltown's finest. Through our Buzz List section, we aim to keep you in the loop
In celebration of's 3rd anniv, we're taking a look back at our top stories. This week, we're counting down your favorite online hotties!
As part of our 3rd birthday celebration, we launched our Best of series last week, kicking off with a roundup of our Top 10 Cover Girls. This week, we're putting the spotlight on the Online Hunks who got you
The online home of fun, fearless Pinays is now three years old! We kick off our best-of series with the cover chicks who got you clicking the most.
It was three years ago when the Filipina's lifestyle guide on fashion, beauty, sex, career, and relationships sought and conquered a totally different platform--the Internet! With the birth of in September 2009, Cosmo became a stronger, bolder, daily
We admire a lot of amazing women and put them on the pages of Cosmo magazine and online. But, you all have your faves, and we reveal the top 10 of the past year in this gallery.
Our goal here at Cosmo is simple. We constantly strive to help you become the best fun, fearless female you can be! Though we select only one girl to headline the magazine each month, there are countless others who we find just
See how Cosmo has changed in the past couple of years! We rank the most popular cover girl behind-the-scenes galleries since 2009. Did your favorite make it?
Our fun, fearless cover girls put a fab face to Cosmo every month, and these ladies deserve huge props for the hard work and long hours they put into achieving that one perfect photo that makes it to the cover of the's "What's In My Bag?" section is your fave section, hands down, as our web stats show. See which of the many celeb bags we've featured made it to this year's top list.
The Best of countdown continues! In celebration of our second birthday this month, we've revealed the top 10 beauty galleries and top 20 fashion galleries in the past year. Today, we're showing you something we know you'll
We continue the countdown of top content on the Cosmo website for our second anniv. This week, we look back on the beauty stories you love most!
We've put together loads of beauty galleries in the two years that has been online, but it's time you knew which ones proved to be your favorites. We reveal the 10 most popular beauty articles from our Beauty
In celebration of's second birthday this month, we're revealing the most popular features on the site--starting with the fashion stories you loved most!
It's's anniversary month (can you believe it's already been two years?) so from now until the end of September, we'll be revealing the Best of! Now's your chance to discover which articles you