She has a makeup station AND a hair station.
We're not surprised to find out that Kryz Uy's room is just as gorgeous and envy-worthy as her #OOTDs on IG. And if you're wondering how she manages to always look flawless, Kryz actually has a hair station
Even Nico Bolzico makes some cameos!
Here's a compilation of the Blogger Jowas' funniest videos that Miggy Cruz (Laureen Uy's bf), Joni Koro (Camille Co's bf), and Slater Young (Kryz Uy's bf) have created so far. Enjoy!VIDEO: Jana Jodloman, Trina Elefante Follow Jacinda
Behind every successful Instagram star is the Instagram Boyfriend.
Laureen Uy, Camille Co, and Kryz Uy (aka Blogger Besties) are known as the trifecta of the blogging industry in the Philippines. With more than 1.8 million Instagram followers combined, their social media influence is definitely legit. But for every curated
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