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The movie will hit local theaters this 2020!
The sequel to the 2016 South Korean zombie flick Train To Busan is finally hitting movie screens this 2020. The film, which is titled Peninsula, is set four years after the outbreak hit South Korea and will be featuring a new set
Congrats, Maja!
Maja Salvador just received her trophy for winning Best Actress at the recently concluded 1st Asia Contents Awards in Busan, South Korea. Wow! The awards-giving body recognizes the achievements of the TV drama industry in countries such as South Korea, the
It's definitely worth the three-hour (zombie-free) ride from Seoul!
Many first-time visitors to South Korea tend to prioritize Seoul, which is entirely understandable. As the country's capital, it's the most tourist-friendly for anyone looking to familiarize themselves with the rich and diverse Korean culture.But if you