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Dude, stahp.
Can we just stop making excuses for this guy?He is not a criminal for trying to pick up women, but he is not a victim, either.Those women did it "(J)ust to be famous or make themselves look like a
Spoiler alert: It is.
By now, you've probably heard of the cyber-flirting issue involving model/actor Carlos Agassi, in which he sends a torrential rain of unsolicited messages to several women via Instagram and Facebook Messenger:Now, in the wake of public masturbators (*cough*
More women have revealed that they've received messages from the actor, too.
Over the weekend, the Internet quickly jumped on a social media post detailing very private conversations-Instagram DM exchanges and Facebook messages-between actor Carlos Agassi with different women. RBreezy, a Facebook page with over one million followers, exposed the messages which
Hey Carlos, you're pretty entertaining.
We were snooping around Instagram recently when we came across hunk Carlos Agassi's ridiculously entertaining account.You see, Carlos not only enjoys posting topless photos (we don't blame him, his body is AMAZING), but he also likes posing with random