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Rumors about their split started in January, but Cristine gave a brief answer to Pep.ph in March about their current status. "We're fine. We're both working and, yeah, taking care of our daughter," she responded.Today, however, we spotted
Those are seriously good genes.
We sure as hell did not know Cherie Gil had a son who's gorgeous AF. But thanks to PEP.ph and Instagram, we got the scoop on the veteran actress' 19-year-old son.Everyone, meet Raphael Rogoff, NYU student and
"You ask Andi. It's her story to tell."
Actress Cherie Gil recently got ticked off when a reporter dared to ask her about the controversy involving her niece Andi Eigenmann.The revelation about the paternity of Andi's five-year-old daughter Ellie continues to be a hot topic in
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