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Made of sugar, spice, and everything nice!
Hi, hello! ColourPop has been killing it with their releases lately, but it's their newest one that have us squealing in excitement. They collaborated with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to create a Powerpuff Girls makeup collection that has our Y2K
We need *everything*.
Attention, beauty junkies! We have some good news for you: ColourPop has been on a *roll* with their releases lately, but it's their latest collab that has our hearts absolutely pumping in excitement. They have partnered up with Barbie and
'90s anime fans, where you at?
The first priority when buying makeup and skincare is always the quality of the product and the effect it has on your complexion. However, beauty lovers often shop with their eyes first-pretty packaging is almost impossible to resist! Couple it with
Glistening lips, right this way!
Here's the thing: I used to hate lip gloss. I didn't like it back then because it would be *too* greasy, or it would stick to my hair if it was a windy day. Thankfully, beauty brands have
It's pure ~magic~!
ColourPop Cosmetics and Disney made our wishes come true again by dropping their third makeup collab, the Midnight Masquerade Collection! The first one was the Designer Collection (2018) and the second was the Disney Villains Collection (March 2019). The collection's
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on November 8, 2018!
During an interview for TV Patrol, Jenine Desiderio revealed that Elmo Magalona personally apologized to her for the incident where he hit her daughter, Janella Salvador. "In fairness, he apologized personally three weeks after the incident. After talking to the Star Magic
It's inspired by all your favorite princesses.
What do you get when Disney and ColourPop-two brands with massive cult followings-team up? An epic collection that's bound to sell out.The range takes inspiration from the classic fairy tales, updating them with a modern red carpet
*Sigh* They're always out of stock.
Makeup and skincare products that are never in store or online are always out of stock for a reason: They are THAT good-which makes finding them, and testing them out if you haven't yet, a priority. Plus, there'