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Who's ready to party? ;)
Get your best tropical look ready, and come kick it with us at this year's Cosmo Summer Party! To turn the heat up a notch, we've come up with a fun ~*selfie*~ challenge for all the Cosmo girls
Did you enjoy swimming with your favorite hunks? 'Cause we did.
A huge thank you to everyone who attended our first-ever Cosmo Summer Party on March 19, Saturday, at The Palace Pool Club! And since selfies and Instagram photos aren't enough to capture how much fun we had together, here, a
Outfit pegs for you, your squad, and your boy!
INSTAGRAM: sophiemos, robbieoffdutyWho's excited for the Cosmo Summer Party on Saturday, March 19? We know we are-it's all we've been talking about at the Cosmo HQ! And because we want all of you to look picture-perfect in
All these tunes will get ya pumped up for the BIGGEST pool party this season!
We're a few days away from the Cosmo Summer Party, happening on March 19, Saturday, at The Palace Pool Club.But before y'all head over for some flirty summer fun, we curated a special playlist to get you all in
Who knows how to throw a real summer shindig? We do.
1. We've never thrown a Cosmo Summer Party before, so this is a BIG deal. We're talking bikinis, boys, and booze on March 19, Saturday, from 3:00 - 9:00 p.m. at The Palace Pool Club. All you gotta
You voted him as your fave Cosmo Summer's Steamy Stud last April. As promised, we're bringing him back as the featured hunk online, 'til September ends!
Because it's September and Cosmo is overflowing with hot men, we knew we had to bring you an extra special Online Hunk--one you've been clamoring to see again in our online pages. You've been wanting to find out