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Could it be summer again?
Summer may be over here in Manila but it's just getting hotter in Spain, where Juliana Gomez is currently spending her vacation. Sans her famous parents Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres, 16-year-old Juliana and her friends started off their
Have an adrenaline-pumping time with the gang!
Your barkada is a solid group and you make it a point to see each other every so often. But pigging out at food districts, having conversations over coffee, and partying late into the night may start to feel a bit blah.
For one, she's got the brains to match her beauty. YUP.
1. No one rocks a mutant onesie quite like Olivia Munn. Damn, she's pretty fit! And she kicks major butt wearing that number, too!2. She's pretty funny as well! Listen to how she tells the story of fitting into
Girl's been getting flak for calling him her best friend.
Liza Soberano sent out a series of tweets in response to her followers questioning her relationship with her love team partner and rumored beau Enrique Gil.According to ABS-CBN, the Dolce Amore beauty was said to have frequently referred to Enrique
Did you enjoy swimming with your favorite hunks? 'Cause we did.
A huge thank you to everyone who attended our first-ever Cosmo Summer Party on March 19, Saturday, at The Palace Pool Club! And since selfies and Instagram photos aren't enough to capture how much fun we had together, here, a