From L.A. to Seoul!
What to wear? The all-important question when you're getting ready to hop on a plane and snap those IG-worthy travel photos. We couldn't help but give props to Janine Gutierrez for her ace ensembles on her recent trips
Have an adrenaline-pumping time with the gang!
Your barkada is a solid group and you make it a point to see each other every so often. But pigging out at food districts, having conversations over coffee, and partying late into the night may start to feel a bit blah.
'Life is still the same. I still live in the same house. I hang out with the same people.'
What made you decide to be or do Bogart the Explorer from Davao City? What inspired the concept? Did you think you'd be such a hit?I guess it all started when I worked as a production assistant on this little
'Ayaw ko na maging mahalaga. Ang gusto ko ay mahalin. Ang kailangan ko ay mahalin.'
Ayaw ko na maging mahalaga. Ang gusto ko ay mahalin. Ang kailangan ko ay mahalin.These are words by Juan Miguel Severo, whom you may know as Rico, the poetry-spouting best friend of Albie CasiƱo's character Jigs on On
His smile is gold.
Our country gets hit by about 20 major storms a year, and because of this steady stream of devastation to life and property, Filipinos have earned a reputation for being "resilient."Few images better capture this spirit than the photos snapped by
'This show is electric! It's just like a whirlwind of fun shit.'
When it comes to creating a global sensation, you could say that the very random pairing of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza in a splitscreen split-second tamang panahon. AlDub is, quite simply, a phenomenon. There's no other way
'This rage plays a huge part for my channel, as it's something that people actually enjoy watching.'
What got you into gaming?I started gaming at a very young age. Most of my childhood was spent in Manila, in a very underprivileged part of the city. Despite it all, I lived a happy childhood. My father lived in the
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