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Which one can survive a day of commuting?
For the sake of finding *the most affordable foundation* that can survive sweat and shine, we tested three drugstore compacts for this edition of Beauty Wars.Find out which one is the ~best~ among the three below:Nichido Two-Way
One of these is a dupe for a cult fave eyelash curler!
Eyelash curlers may look the same, but trust us, they're not created equally-some will pinch your eyes, while others will give your peepers perfectly flutterly lashes in an instant. To prove that you don't need to spend
We tested three gel formulas to see which one is actually worth it.
With the right brow pencil, you can easily fake fuller kilay. But with the right brow mascara, you can instantly get bushy, thick, and natural-looking face-framers that will last for hours. This is why for today's edition of Cosmo.
Which of these affordable finds can help you fake fuller brows?
Here at the office, we never stop searching for the best eyebrow product because we're just as kilay-obsessed as you are. So for today's edition of Beauty Wars, we decided to discover the best affordable brow pencil.
We're giving trendy colors a rest and going back to basics!
We're giving trendy colors a rest first and going back to basics with a universally-loved eyeshadow shade: Bronze.For this edition of Beauty Wars, we tested out the stick versions to discover the most water-resistant, crease-proof,
They're more wearable than you think!
Scared that metallic liquid lippies are too glamorous and edgy to use every day? Think again!In this edition of Beauty Wars, we sought to find out which formula can give our pouts a versatile and sophisticated pearl finish, in
Gross, but v v fulfilling.
For us, toner is one of the most important steps in our skincare routines because it's able to get dirt and bacteria from our complexions that our cleansers left behind.In our quest to learn which affordable toner is the ~
Can these tints really bulk up our brows?
With the popularity of thick, straight brows inspired by all the popular K-drama and K-Pop stars, many are turning to Korean peel-off brow tints to lessen the time they spend polishing their kilay every day. And since we love
Which one can give your digits the most naked shade?
We can't deny the importance of nude polish in every woman's kikay life: It makes the nails look prettier, cleaner, and healthier. We know there are tons of naked shades available in the market, so to help you decipher which
Three drugstore brands, three different formulas.
When it comes to excellent coverage, shade range, and performance, we admit we opt for high-end concealers to deal with our blemishes and eye bags. But what if we told you that you could get the same results from drugstore options?
Find out the most sulit alternative!
I remember the time when my heart skipped a beat after hearing that Urban Decay was set to release their Naked Palette. I knew I had to own one-it's like the OG of neutral eyeshadows-but my major concerns were:
It's like a unicorn kissed our cheekbones!
We all know that highlighters-whether they're in a powder, cream, or liquid formula-give our cheekbones an extra *boost* whenever light hits them. But what if the luminizer comes in a different shade like violet? Or what if it
Contouring ain't just for the Kardashians.
You may think kontouring contouring is only for the Kardashians, but this technique adds a wow factor to any everyday or party look. The face tends to look "flat" (which is quite unflattering) after applying foundation, so bringing back the shadows and
If you're thinking of buying an everyday lippie, read this.
If you're always in a rush, then you know the pain of having to precisely fill in your lips with a lip liner then following it up with a lip color on top-it just takes too much time! But lip
We tried on 3 pairs!
Long, fluttery lashes can add serious oomph to your eye makeup, especially if you're working with a smoky gaze or a sharp winged liner look. And since mascara can only do so much, a pair of falsies is your instant
These will definitely flaunt your pretty brown eyes!
Before you conclude that blue eyeliners would take you to '80s territory, give this edition of Beauty Wars a chance! This color makes brown eyes pop, so if you're too tamad to create a full eyeshadow look, a cobalt
Which one can work for light, medium, and dark skin tones?
No matter how matte your lipstick is, sometimes it just bleeds/moves/smudges all over the place! Enter lip liners, tiny colored pencils that let you trace and shape your pout to prevent your chosen color from bleeding. For today's
Find out which one gives the most romantic flush.
Rosy shades give you a pretty, romantic flush-as if you just saw your crush! Plus, this hue is perfect for everyday wear, and totally works well with any eyeshadow or lip color.For today's installment of Beauty
A great mascara for less than P200?! You better believe it!
Cheap or affordable doesn't necessarily mean a product won't deliver results. This product roundup will prove that you don't have to spend a ton of money to get amazing lashes! We give you the lowdown on
Which one will give you brows that wow?
You can go through horrible PMS and have zero makeup on, but when your kilay is on fleek, all is right in the world. Let's be real, though: Who always has time for perfect arches? To help you out, we tested