Be basic and proud! ;)
Not a lot of people live within driving distance of The Happiest Place On Earth, so when you're in Disneyland, you gotta make the most of your photo ops. And every diehard Instagrammer knows the secret to a double tap-worthy
Two cuties are better than one!
Celeb besties Bela Padilla and Dani Barretto went on a quick vacay to Hong Kong last weekend. Of course, what's a trip to HK without a stop at Disneyland?The pair, along with Dani's boyfriend Xavi Panlilio, came well-prepared
Let us take you on a virtual tour!
The next time you go to Hong Kong, you should definitely consider spending a night-or three-at Hong Kong Disneyland's newest hotel, the Explorers Lodge.Located inside the resort, which is just 30 minutes away from the airport, this is
It's a once in a lifetime experience.
If you're still in shock and unable to digest that price point, don't worry, so are we. But the reason why it's so expensive is because 21 Royal was supposed to be Walt Disney's "private residence," meant for
It's unlike any other Disney park in the world!
If you're planning a trip to Tokyo, you really need to devote an entire day to Tokyo Disney Sea. A few people tend to disregard the park when planning their itinerary-"You're in Japan; why would you want to visit
Katy finally found her Prince!
Katy Perry hit up Disneyland in Shanghai, China with her very own Prince Charming last week!The pop star and her "prince" Orlando Bloom hit the resort with the actor's son, Flynn-and the trio had a blast.The "Roar" singer
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