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The women helping to raise awareness of an extremely common—yet misunderstood—condition.
Chances are, you know someone with endometriosis. And if not, you've definitely heard a celebrity talking about it. It's a painful condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb starts to grow in other places, such
Paris and Carter got engaged in February 2021.
Socialite and entrepreneur Paris Hilton has married entrepreneur and investor Carter Reum on November 11. On Instagram, Paris wrote, "My forever begins today."Ahead of the wedding, Paris and Carter talked about their excitement for the big day in Paris' podcast
Some films might contain themes related to depression, anxiety, suicide, and other potentially triggering content.
Movies have been an avenue to present the different realities that people live in. Over the years, films have been used to shine a light on various mental health concerns. Through these, viewers become aware that there are different mental health issues
It's predictable and hella cheesy, but it's also the perfect feel-good film.
If there's one thing we probably need more of in our lives right now considering the current climate, it's cheesy, completely unbelievable, but incredibly heartwarming rom-coms. Yep, we've exhausted pretty much all the true crime
It's the feel-good movie we need for the holidays!
Ever year, like clockwork, the movie world sees a slew of new and fresh holiday movies to usher in the December cheer in advance. It's no different for Netflix, of course, but it looks like the streaming platform is dropping their
Yup, BLACKPINK's coming to our area!
Can you believe it's almost October?? There are less than a hundred days before 2021 and as usual, we're out here listing down everything you need to watch on Netflix. From rom-coms to K-pop documentaries, here
Aww, congrats!
Congrats to Emma Roberts, who just casually dropped the news that she's pregnant with her first child! Emma is expecting a baby boy with her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund, who she started dating in 2019.READ MORE: Who Exactly Is Garrett
...also known as the father of Emma's unborn baby!
Imagine how surprised we all were when we found out that Emma Roberts is pregnant with her first child! Now take that surprise, and add it to the fact that a bunch of people didn't know Emma was dating anyone
Sorry to break it to all the people who were hoping Emma Roberts and Evan Peters would be endgame, but Emma's moved on to greener pastures in the time since she and Evan broke up, 'mmkay? And by greener
For example, THAT scene with THAT telephone pole in 'Hereditary.'
The horror genre is really fascinating. While we usually think of ghosts and supernatural beings when we think of scary films, there are some which get the "horror" factor from ~explicit~ violence, blood, and murder. The thing about these movies is that
It's time to hit up your hairstylist.
You guys, the lob (aka a long bob that ends somewhere between the chin and the collarbone) is alive and well. Yup, the haircut that took over the beauty world/all your feeds/every red carpet back in, like, 2017 is still
Make sure to turn the lights on!
Nothing says "totally normal movie night that's not weird at all" like popping some popcorn and settling in to watch a bunch of people get gruesomely axed to death in the name of the horror genre, right? Cool, thought so.
Beat the gloomy weather with these fashionable OOTDs!
Rainy season is here, and you've got more reasons to layer and bring out your fancy coats and jackets. Below, check out what the stylish chicas of Instagram wear to beat the rainy gloom: Instead, opt for bright statement sweaters.Cap
This on/off couple seems to be back ON!
Emma Roberts and Evan Peters have further sparked rumors they have rekindled their romance after they were seen kissing over the weekend in California.The Scream Queens star split up with actor Evan in June, 18 months after he asked her to
Sometimes, diamonds aren't forever.
Actress Emma Roberts swapped her engagement ring with three gold bands after splitting from fiance Evan Peters to remind herself of her own worth.The Scream Queens star parted ways with the actor in June, 18 months after he popped the question,
She's TV's newest queen bee for a reason.
Emma Roberts stars in Scream Queens as the new resident Mean Girl, and if there's one thing a Mean Girl ought to know, it's the "art" of making the perfect bitch face. Our girl Emma teaches bitch face noob Jimmy
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on August 26, 2015!
1 Derek Ramsay shares that the 8-year-old daughter of his girlfriend, commercial model Joanne Villablanca, looks like his ex Angelica Panganiban when Angelica was a kid. He also describes Joanne's daughter as "beautiful." Derek will be guesting on several
To the guy she punched in the face!
Well, we didn't see this one coming, but Emma Roberts is engaged to her American Horror Story co-star Evan Peters!The couple-who star opposite each other in the series-are set to tie the knot after Evan proposed with
Here, news you missed while you were sleeping.
1 A bullet train connecting Manila to Clark? Yes please! Bulacan Governor Wilhelmino Alvarado said yesterday that the Regional Development Council (RDC) is eyeing the construction of the first rapid train system in the country patterned after the bullet train of Japan.
Emma Roberts was arrested in Montreal, Canada, earlier this month for hitting her boyfriend Evan Peters, but sources close to the actress insist they were both to blame for the incident.
Emma Roberts was arrested and released without charge after a domestic violence incident in Montreal, Canada.The 22-year-old actress, who is Oscar-winner Julia Roberts' niece, allegedly got into a physical altercation with her American Horror Story star boyfriend, Evan