This is for every person who loves to say, 'Sorry for the delayed response.'
Bye, oil slick face.
This is my life: I go through a maximum of three oil blotting papers a day and spend a combined four to six hours commuting five days a week, exposed to the harsh and unforgiving Manila pollution. I'm not shocked
He performed Ben & Ben's 'Kathang Isip!'
ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo wrapped up his Just One 10 Minute fan meet in the country last night and he definitely delivered in surprising his fans!The singer-actor prepared a number of performances for his fans during the event
And other things to keep in mind when you communicate online.
Have you ever asked someone a quick question on Facebook Messenger only to receive a response that's two paragraphs long?Two things usually happen afterwards: 1) You feel slightly guilty because it feels like they put more thought in their
Blessed be your retinas.
Every morning when I wake up, I turn over, grab my phone, and check everything I missed in the last six hours. Usually, the brightness of my phone is set to the lowest possible level, but when waking up from deep sleep,
It's great for getting rid of those drunken replies!
We've all sent an accidental "Wave" or a giant blue thumbs up on Facebook Messenger and instantly wished the ground would swallow us up. Thankfully, there's now no need! The social media app announced a new function which
And it's all thanks to this Facebook chatbot.
At this point, you've probably grown tired of arguing with strangers in the comments section (where you offer credible sources and they, in turn, retort with non-related ad hominem remarks) whenever you see a post with questionable information. It&#
You'll have 10 minutes to delete your last message!
The last time I accidentally sent a Facebook message to the wrong person, I stared at my phone in shock for what felt like hours. It was a mistake so traumatizing, I still cringe everytime I remember it. I know for a
The feature was only available to Mark Zuckerberg and other execs.
On March 5, 2018, TechCrunch reported that Facebook executives have long been able to delete their sent messages, a feature that's never been available to the public. The company, by now well-practiced in crisis management, quickly followed up with
Facebook's messaging platform, Messenger, is becoming almost as popular as Facebook itself. As of April 2017, Messenger already has 1.2 billion users and counting-that's pretty close to Facebook's 2 billion users.Messenger now has a life of
This is so convenient!
Imagine talking to all your friends, no matter where they are in the world, at the same time. For free. Now, stop daydreaming because this is a real option on Facebook Messenger (seriously, what did we do without Facebook?).As of today,
There could be a load of messages you weren't able to read.
When we discovered the "Other" folder on Facebook last year, it was a mixed reaction of feeling bad we'd accidentally ignored certain people, and feeling thankful we'd never seen some of the creepy messages sooner.But the social network then
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