There's an ACTUAL song called 'Single On Valentine's Day.'
Happy 14th, everyone! For those of us who are single, it's time to spend V-Day with our one true love-music (Okay, I take that back, that was too cheesy)! Here, a Valentine's Day playlist for all
Yup, she's actually part-Pinay!
Actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld is starring in what critics call the "best" Transformers film, Bumblebee. The 22-year-old already has an Academy Award nomination under her belt (she was only 14 when she received it!), and recently, she said she "
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During last night's Miss Universe 2018 Preliminary Competition, a collective gasp was heard when footage of Philippine bet Catriona Gray's performance made its way online. Cat totally killed it with her "slow-motion" walk in the swimsuit portion
Bad news: He's dating someone who's not you.
Remember when Niall Horan was in a loving relationship with the members of One Direction? And then they broke up, ruining your day/entire life in the process? Just me?? Whatever, the point is Niall Horan has moved onto greener relationship pastures,
This hairstyle has swag written all over it.
The next time you're going to a special event, try a bold hair trend like the "wet hair" style! You'll only need hair pomade and a brush to evenly coat your strands. Pretty easy, right? Keep scrolling and
Despite her busy schedule, the Barden Bella finds time to put in the work.
These days, Hollywood is all over Hailee Steinfeld and it's about damn time! Since her role in 2011's True Grit put her on the map, the part-Filipino actress has been working nonstop. Hailee joined the Pitch Perfect cast in
And it isn't quite as it seems.
Taylor Swift's girl squad is beginning to break up-Hailee Steinfeld has confessed she and the pop star are not that close.The teenager appeared in Taylor's "Bad Blood" video and has joined the 26-year-old at a handful
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Instagram/doctor.mike1 OMG, you guys! Are Pia Wurtzbachand super sexy doctor Mike Varshavski officially in a relationship? A screenshot from the beauty queen's private Facebook page shows the update below:If the rumors are true, Pia and Mike cemented their
Here's a teaser!
After gaining fame and critical acclaim through hardcore acting in True Grit, Hailee Steinfeld is dipping into the music scene. The journey's been pretty smart and subtle - notice how she's been appearing in more musical roles in movies (Begin Again
Here, news you missed while you were sleeping.
1 He's officially off the market! Jericho Rosales married Kim Jones at the Shangri-La Boracay Resort on May 1! The two had an intimate beachside wedding-which included Iya Villania, Paolo and Gab Valenciano, Donita Rose, and Piolo Pascual. Echo
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