She also talks about her current dream role.
Following the announcement of Marvel's new Filipina superhero, Wave, the co-creator and designer of the badass character, Leinil Yu, recently tweeted that he would love to see Angel Locsin play Wave.It all started when Angel replied to the Twitter
From 'Die Beautiful' to 'One More Chance!'
Admit it, sometimes films are bitin. They leave you hanging and wanting more, wondering what happened to the characters after the ending. Good thing there are some local films with actual sequels! Here, we've handpicked some of the most popular
FHM sits down with director Jerrold Tarog about the making of this historical biopic.
Once upon a time, our country wasn't as chummy-chummy with our American bros as we are today.The year was 1898. The Treaty of Paris had just been signed, which was really nothing more than a real estate deed transfer
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