And discusses whether she'd date Justin Bieber.
Granting all ​The Hunger Games ​fan-fiction stories true forever and ever amen, Jennifer Lawrence revealed she and Liam Hemsworth have got it on off screen. Ooh, what would Peeta say?During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live Clubhouse, JLaw played
This is for all you geeks out there (us included).
If you wanna see two of the biggest fictional heroes battle it out in fanfic heaven, this trailer mashup is just for you. Hunger Game Of Thrones: Jon Snow Must Die features Katniss Everdeen (aka JLaw) lead a rebellion-not against Panem'
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Jennifer Lawrence thinks her new pixie crop is "perfect" for her.The Hunger Games: Catching Fire actress has no regrets about chopping her shoulder-length locks into a chic boy cut earlier this month and claims the look is far easier to
The Catching Fire star got diagnosed with flatulence.
Jennifer Lawrence went to the hospital for bad gas on Monday, November 18. The 23-year-old beauty confessed to feeling unwell just hours before the big Los Angeles premiere of her new movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire earlier this week,
Actor Liam Hemsworth said he was whipped for three days during filming for <i>The Hunger Games: Catching Fire</i>.
The 23-year-old star was interviewed on Good Morning America on November 20, 2013 and answered questions from fans.When one asked what the best part about shooting the movie was, he replied: "Well, I got whipped for three days, which
What if Peeta Mellark brought a smart phone to the Victory Tour?
Can you just imagine how a running commentary from Peeta Mellark would sound like? Well, if he had an Instagram account, we wouldn't have to imagine.Launch the gallery to see Peeta's Instagram posts from the Victory Tour!
Katniss Everdeen is smokin' hot. Like literally.
The wait is over: Catching Fire opens in theaters today (November 21)!Spoiler Alert: In the second installment of the Hunger Games trilogy, Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence on the big screen, returns to the arena as the Girl on Fire.
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