Channel your inner influencer in 3, 2, 1...
You know those people whose Insta pics look flawless every damn time? Yeah, they aren't using the app's stock set of filters to get that glossy finish. They're using specialized editing apps, which are key to
Sliiide to the right!
If you spend a lot of time on Instagram Stories like we do, you'll be excited to know you have another new feature to play with! ICYDK, Instagram is rolling out the emoji slider, a polling feature we're
Time to download these apps!
The obsession with everything vintage continues. After the craze over film-emulating apps, we were bound to see a new and trendy way to edit our 'grams. Pull up your feed now and you'll see the likes of Issa
Perfect those summer OOTDs!
Amidst the Kira Kira and Boomerang posts all over Instagram, there's a cool new app you can use on your OOTDs to stand out. Plotaverse offers animation that will make any background come to life.One of the first few
Because if it isn't in your Stories, it didn't happen.
As if perfecting our feeds wasn't stressful enough, Instagram's recent update included the Story Highlights option, which lets you keep your favorite (aka best of the absolute best) Stories front and center on your profile forever. So what
Get your highlight reel!
Social media may not be the most accurate representation of people's lives, but it doesn't change the fact that getting a double tap from your peers still feels pretty damn good. If you're curious about which
She only uses one app—and it isn't VSCO!
Let's get one thing right-you can't become a successful fashion blogger if you have a boring #aesthetic. That said, there are plenty of reasons why Kryz Uy has almost half a million followers on Instagram, and one of the
Remember when you knew ~nothing~ about filters?
If you're an aspiring influencer, or even just an active Instagrammer, the last thing you want to do is to have someone stumble upon your old ~embarrassing~ posts. Remember the dark days when your life depended on the Kelvin filter and
Don’t panic, girl.
I was hanging out with my mom one day, and as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, a photo of my ex and his new girlfriend came up. Instinctively, I showed her; btw, she has this annoying habit of needing to
The surprises just keep coming.
What the hell is happening?Snapchat just released four new features this week, and Instagram is not having it. The 'gram launched its latest feature so now you don't have to worry about taking screenshots of all the people you not-
Delete your ex, girl.
Can we all just admit that Instagram is the ~*queen*~ of social media right now? Not only has it made a lot of bold moves in trying to make the Internet a safer community, it also came out with a bunch of
Step aside, Snapchat!
Instagram's Stories feature was introduced three months ago, and the Internet's first reaction was that it was a Snapchat rip-off. But while you were sleeping, Instagram launched a few updates that finally set stories apart from snaps-and we'
Master the flat lay and more!
You know that shitty feeling of scrolling through your Instagram feed, only to be bombarded by delicate flat lays of food you probably can't afford? How do influencers do it?! How many times have you strained your back trying to take
Get ahead of the competition!
Social media is a powerful tool-and even the company you want to work for knows this! In fact, I applied for my current position at Cosmo because somebody tagged me in an Instagram job callout. Look how that turned out! ;)Make
Agencies and talented consultants play a huge role in what you see online.
It's a great time to be a fan of Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and other celebrities with millions of followers on social media. Celebrity posts a photo or tweet. You join the masses in liking and commenting on the content. Joy
If you post more about your travels, you're probably old AF. #Guilty
Here's yet another way to tell that you're old.A Pennsylvania State study published this week has found that people use Instagram in lots of different ways-and you can pretty easily predict someone's age based on what's
#FeedGoals, yes?
If you have ever wondered how your favorite Instagram accounts get their feeds to look so good, wonder no more! We've narrowed down our top 7 photo editing apps that will give your followers #feedgoals. Check them out and start editing!
Hacks for the ultimate selfie queen.
Instagram can be unforgiving when it comes to photo editing. Sure, nothing beats a no-filter post, but in this day and age, what's a post without a little visual enhancement? And with all the editing apps in the app store,
And our brains may be to blame.
Our social media addiction can apparently be linked to the way human brains have evolved, claims a top psychologist.Many people find themselves checking Facebook several times a day, or constantly posting messages and photos online.It has been suggested that the
Because (Instagram) love don't cost a thing.
Are you an IG noob who doesn't know how to even begin turning a rectangle-sized photo into a square-sized one? Or are you just plain sick of Instagram's filters? We round up some cool free photo editing apps-
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